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Five Bathroom Water Damage Signs You Need to Know

It is impossible to have a bathroom without water. However, if that water ends up in areas other than just the toilet, shower, and sink, it will become a major challenge. Piping can burst, and seals can fail, resulting in huge problems such as severe damage to your house and health. However, if you take […]

water damage repair dormont

What Happens After You Find Water Damage In Your Dormont Home?

When you step in a puddle or see a stain on the ceiling, you need to know what to do first. Errant water can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage in your home so you need to act quickly and decisively to avoid future damage to the building materials and your possessions. Every […]

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Is That Stain On the Ceiling From Water Damage?

By the time you notice a ceiling stain or bubbled paint, your home might have experienced significant damage in hidden areas. Stains can be the result of a slow leak in a water line running in the attic, a bathtub that overflowed on the second floor, or from severe damage to your roof. You need […]

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Board Up And Tarping Services

When a water disaster strikes your home from storms or high winds, you have an immediate mess to deal with. Remember that you still have the power to reduce further losses with board up services. Don’t walk away and leave your home vulnerable – invest in board up services until a repair team or window […]

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Prevent Outdoor Water Damage

Now that you have wrapped up the summer fun in the garden, we at GS Jones recommend you take a few minutes to walk your Dormont property. Some small clues could alert you to potential water damage with winter.  Help Gutters Do Their Job Clean out your gutters. Cleaning gutters is one of those seasonal […]

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Fall Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your home for winter. Cold weather, snow, and ice can be rally hard on your home, and can cause some pretty serious water damage. It is important to be proactive about protecting your home from potential water damage before the winter weather gets too cold to do it. […]

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Recovering From Forces Of Nature

Driving rains and floods are incredibly destructive forces on your home. So are strong winds, including tornados. Even random lightning strikes can cause house fires. Nothing can prepare you for when a disaster hits your home in Dormont; here are a few of the dangers: Wind Damage High winds can damage roofs, siding, awnings, and […]

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History Reminds Us of Importance of Disaster Planning

Every year, natural disasters take their toll on different parts of the world. Some years, the East Coast seems to be battered by hurricane after hurricane. Other years, there might be an uptick in tornadoes in the plain states, or Japan could get hit by a killer tsunami. Many scientists are predicting California is in […]