Five Bathroom Water Damage Signs You Need to Know

water damage repair dormontIt is impossible to have a bathroom without water. However, if that water ends up in areas other than just the toilet, shower, and sink, it will become a major challenge. Piping can burst, and seals can fail, resulting in huge problems such as severe damage to your house and health. However, if you take the time to look out for some obvious signs that your bathroom might have a water leak, you can save yourself a headache and costly repair bills in the future. From our repair experts, below are five signs that your bathroom has water damage.

1. Musty Smell

A lingering musty odor in your bathroom should be a warning sign, especially after you clean it thoroughly. This musty odor is most likely due to moisture accumulating under the surface, causing mold to grow. Water under your bathroom’s floors might cause excessive dampness that never dries completely. If you do not get rid of the source of the bad odor, it can lead to major water damage. In such a situation, call your local water damage repair service to quickly find and resolve the issue.

2. Damaged Walls

Another indication of bathroom water damage is damaged drywall. It may appear as cracking plaster or peeling paint. A leaky pipe could be spilling water behind your bathroom walls. Once drywall absorbs moisture, it swells and softens, making it seem damp to the touch. It takes a long time for the drywall to change in this manner, so if you detect this in your bathroom, it could be too late to prevent the situation. Your best choice for resolving the problem is to contact an expert water damage repair service.

3. Mold on the Surfaces

Mold development on surfaces signifies that moisture has been present for a long time. It could be a leaking pipe or a faulty appliance. Contact a specialist to eliminate the mold as fast as possible. When mold continues to grow, it releases bacteria into the air, causing breathing problems like pneumonia and bronchitis.

4. Damaged Floors

Bathroom floorboards are nonporous, allowing water to pass through without causing any damage. However, standing water on your bathroom floor could lead to cracks, buckling, and stains. If you see any of these signs on your bathroom floor, call for help right away. Most bathroom subfloors are built of plywood, which rots when exposed to moisture. This gives the floor a sponge, soft texture.

5. Ceiling Stains

A ceiling stain is also another common sign of leaking in an upstairs bathroom. This will occur directly beneath an upstairs bathroom; however, the water can flow and pool a short distance away. This water pours into the room beneath, soaking the ceiling and leaving a yellowish-brown stain.

Water Damage Repair in Dormont

It can be irritating to deal with leaks, mold, and damaged flooring or walls in your bathroom. Therefore, it is critical to inspect your bathroom for leaking on a regular basis to discover any problems early. If you need help for water damage repair in Dormont, G.S. Jones can assist you. We send our quick-response experts to help property owners in tough spots. We offer 24/7 flood and water damage repair. Call us Today!

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