Common Household Items

Contents Restoration Services in Western Pennsylvania

After a fire or water damage loss, damage to your common household items such as dishware, decor, and furniture, is often widespread and can add thousands of dollars to your loss. In many cases, however, these items can be restored, eliminating the need for replacement and lowering the total cost of your claim.

G.S. Jones offers contents restoration and can effectively clean and restore your common household items impacted by water, smoke, or mold. Give us a call today to learn more.

Cost-Effective Restoration of Common Household Items

Qualified Pros

We have invested in training and equipment to restore most househould items.

Expert Handling

We'll carefully inventory, pack, transport, and clean your items.

Restore vs. Replace

Restoring your items reduces waste, lowers total claim costs, and reunites you with your belongings.

How We Restore Your Household Items

Our Multi-Step Process

Save Time When You Restore Your Household Items

Advanced Contents Cleaning Technology

You’ve taken great care choosing the items in your home, and we want to help you get them back. Restoring your items after a fire or water damage loss has many benefits, including lowering your insurance claim, reducing waste, and avoiding the hassle of having to replace the items. G.S. Jones’ advanced contents cleaning facility is equipped to restore a variety of household items. We make the entire process seamless with expert pack-out, cleaning, storage, and re-delivery of your items. Call us today!