Prevent Outdoor Water Damage

water damage repair dormont, water damage dormontNow that you have wrapped up the summer fun in the garden, we at GS Jones recommend you take a few minutes to walk your Dormont property. Some small clues could alert you to potential water damage with winter. 

Help Gutters Do Their Job

Clean out your gutters. Cleaning gutters is one of those seasonal chores that’s always on the list, but none of us want to hop on that ladder and tackle all of the gunk that settles in there. It’s time to stop putting it off! Gutters need to be clean and clear of any debris and in good condition. Be sure to also keep all downspouts within ten feet of the foundation of your home empty, and all trees trimmed.  

Over time, debris from nearby trees and grass from your lawn gets swept up by the wind and accumulates in the gutters. Plan to clean them out once in the fall after most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and again in the spring 

Install (Or Replace) Weather Stripping

Keep air from escaping the house, and water from entering the house, by sealing up drafty windows and doors. Permanent strips should be installed on exterior doors; temporary strips can be placed on exterior windows. While replacing or installing weather stripping, inspect door jams and window sills for cracks and seal where appropriate. 

As you check each door and window, address any signs of water damage before winter hits. Call our team of experts to fix the underlying problem and restore you rooms. 

Seal The Deck

Forgetting to treat your deck for a season or two can lead to serious damage down the road, not to mention added expenses. Experts recommend sealing exterior wood surfaces once a year.  This will ensure the structural integrity of your wooden structures for years to come. 

Tune Up The Garage Door 

Garage doors take a beating through year-round use. Because of their large size, garage doors are highly susceptible to wind and rain damage. The large surface can also allow a lot of water to enter if it fails.

Your garage door is only held in place by the rollers in the track. When the wind blows at the door, it creates positive pressure – the higher the wind speed, the greater the pressure. As the pressure increases, the door bows inward and the ends of the door are pulled toward each other (or toward the center of the door) as well as causing the roller to tilt an angle.  

Maintain The Roof 

The most important barrier your home has to the weather is your roof. They have a definite life span; do what you can to make yours last as long as possible. Invest a few minutes to walk around the home and view the roof from as many angles as possible. Repair loose, cracked or missing shingles to minimize damage. Keep your attic fully insulated to prevent heat loss through the roof. Any of these issues could leave the roof of your house vulnerable to a leak here in Dormont.

Trust The Professionals At G.S. Jones 

No matter how well you maintain your home, problems will happen. When they do, 

G.S. Jones provides immediate water damage restoration services. Call us for 24 hour response and we will dispatch a team right away to secure your property and take steps to mitigate the damage.

When you have suffered a property loss, count on us to recover as many of your possessions as possible. In the event disaster strikes, you will need  a reliable inventory system, knowledgeable team and the best tools. Success depends on a proper organization structure, a highly trained staff, and state of the art facilities to handle jobs of all sizes.