Is That Stain On the Ceiling From Water Damage?

water damage dormont, water damage cleanup dormont, water damage repair services dormontBy the time you notice a ceiling stain or bubbled paint, your home might have experienced significant damage in hidden areas. Stains can be the result of a slow leak in a water line running in the attic, a bathtub that overflowed on the second floor, or from severe damage to your roof. You need to 1) know what caused it and 2) get the problem fixed, and 3) repair any damaged materials. 

Find And Repair The Problem

After you see the stain, you’ll need to track down and repair the source. Water can travel a surprising distance from the initial leak, and can be tough to isolate.  Expect the technicians to explore the attic, baseboards and walls as they floor the stain back to the original source. They may even need to cut a hole in the ceiling in order to see where the water is coming from.

Then they will fix (or have you contact a plumber to fix) the place of egress where the water gets in

Dry the Damage

While repairing the source of the leak, they will remove soaked materials and allow any affected pieces to thoroughly dry. They might bring in additional air movers, blowers and fans to eliminate hidden moisture. Dampness trapped behind the drywall will be prone to developing mold. 

If the water-stained drywall is showing any signs of mold or mildew (which is more likely if it was a long-term leak), the mold must be eliminated.  GS Jones will follow all safety protocols to avoid spreading mold to other areas of the home. 

Repair the Ceiling

Depending on the leak, this will probably involve more than a can of Spackle and paint,  it might mean replacing and repainting the entire ceiling. The GS Jones team may determine that it is better to remove all the damaged drywall (down to the rafters.) This often exposes the ceiling joists, which makes hanging patches easier. 

The same goes for painting, as it’s often easier to feather new paint into a larger area, or even paint the whole ceiling, in the case of a larger leak. The next step is to prime the wall or ceiling using a stain-blocking primer. If skipped, you will continue to see water stains through the paint.

Can You Just Paint Over It?

Is there an easier way? Can you hide these troublesome water stains with some paint? Yes, you can cover up the stain but if you don’t fix the underlying problem, water will come back and cause more damage. Call the GS Jones team to come inspect your stain and help you understand the extent of additional hidden damage. The crew will make quick work of your problem and leave you home repaired, safe, and tidy. 

For Water Damage Repairs In Dormont

No matter how well you maintain your home, accidents happen. When they do, G.S. Jones provides water damage restoration services to commercial and residential properties. Call for a 24 hour response to fire damage emergencies, and they will dispatch a team right away to secure your property and take steps to mitigate the damage.

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