Common Causes Of Fires In The Home

Fires can be a good thing, but can quickly be turned into very scary and serious situations. From cooking food, lighting candles, kids & barbecues, there are many things to be aware of to keep those fires from turning into house fires. To prepare yourself for potential fires in your home, here are some things […]

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Six Things All Swissvale Homeowners Should Know About Water Damage Restoration

When you experience a water disaster in Swissvale, there are a few things you should already know. Being a homeowner means being responsible and knowing what needs to happen in an emergency situation. Here are 6 things you should know when your home suffers a water disaster. Act quickly. When water damage is concerned, it’s important […]

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Four Reasons To Avoid DIY Water Damage Restoration

Thanks to the vast amount of ok information available on the internet today, DIY projects have become hugely popular. Along with that popularity comes the desires for many to attempt a DIY approach to water damage restoration as a result of flooding in their home. While this may sound appealing at first glance, there are […]

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5 Steps to Choosing a Restoration Company

Having to hire a restoration company isn’t something people do every day. It can feel daunting to find a company you trust to come into your home after a traumatic event like a flood or fire. Do you trust them to put your home (and to some degree your life) back together again? Do you […]

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Is Water Damage Covered by Insurance?

This is a question we get asked a lot by customers who have some kind of water damage in their home of business. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer because every insurance policy is different. However, there are some trends and basic coverage options that offer clues into what may or may not be covered […]