Water Damage Services To Call If Your Basement Floods

water damage restoration pittsburgh, water damage repair pittsburgh, water damage cleanup pittsburghWater damage is one of the most common issues faced by homeowners. 98% of homes will experience it at some point. Basements in particular are extremely prone to water damage by flooding because they are the lowest point of the house, and below ground level. So, if you’re experiencing a basement flood, take courage: you’re not alone! That being said, flooding is never convenient or fun. Here are some tips, and water damage services, for you as you begin to restore your basement to its pre-flood glory. 

Water Damage Services In Pittsburgh

  1. Before entering a flooded basement, make sure it is safe to do so. If water is more than 2 inches deep throughout your basement, don’t step down into it because you could get shocked. Don’t expose yourself to water that could contain harmful bacteria (like sewage water, or drainage from outside. Even clear water can be “dirty” and dangerous.) If the water covers the base of appliances, like a water heater or furnace, have your gas shut off. 
  2. Call for professional help. Basement flooding is not a job for you to do alone. Call restoration experts for help drying everything properly, preventing mold, observing safety precautions, and using the proper cleaning products, chemicals, and tools for individual functions. If your flooded basement emergency is in Pittsburgh, GS Jones Restoration is a great water damage service choice. The sooner you call for help, the more instruction you’ll be given, and the smoother the entire restoration process will be. 
  3. Find the source of the basement flood. You can do so much good by finding the source of the flood and stopping, blocking, diverting, or catching water at the source. In addition, where the water is coming from will help you know how to fix the problem properly. Remember to take caution and not expose yourself to water that could be dirty. If water is coming up from a floor drain, the problem probably comes from a sump pump, drainage system, or sewage lines. Call a plumber. If water is coming from an appliance, shut off the water supply to your home. If water is coming to floors, walls, or windows, it is probably as a result of wet weather. Wait until the water is at a level that is safe to enter, and then turn off your power supply to your home and remove your belongings to safer, higher ground in case the water continues to pour in. 
  4. Dry and clean everything properly to prevent mold. When you begin getting things cleaned up, use a wet/dry vacuum and a bleach/warm water solution to clean things. Establish good ventilation with open windows and fans. Follow instructions from your restoration company to make sure everything is done properly and fully dries to avoid future problems. 

Just because water damage is a very common problem doesn’t mean that issues with water damage restoration services have to be universal. Follow these tips, and enlist experts, to minimize the damages and costs to your home following your flooded basement. GS Jones is eager to help you recover quickly, safely, and efficiently, and we’re just waiting for your call.