How Do You Cleanup Water Damage Using Professional Services?

water damage services pittsburgh, water damage restoration pittsburgh, water damage repair pittsburghDealing with the aftermath of water damage is trouble enough. The last thing anyone wants to do is to create more issues when dealing with the cleanup of water damage.

To help you avoid making any of these costly errors, our team of restoration experts GS Jones Restoration in Pittsburgh, is here to help you through every stage of the restoration process. Below are four of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning up water damage.

Water Damage Services In Pittsburgh

Waiting Too Long

It is part of human nature to procrastinate working on undesirable tasks. Sometimes this works out ok, but in the case of water damage restoration it can lead to serious issues. If your home is flooded, don’t waste any time before beginning the restoration process. Do what you can to get the process started like using a sump pump and drying out moist areas. Then, get in touch with a restoration contractor right away.

Underestimating Hidden Dangers

Water damage can lead to far more problems than just the flood itself. The three main hidden dangers stemming from water damage are contaminated water, structural damage, and mold growth. Contaminated water is an issue because the floodwater contains dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that can cause serious illness if ingested. Leave the cleanup efforts to the pros if the floodwater in your home is contaminated at all. Professional restoration technicians have the expertise and equipment necessary to deal with contaminated flood water cleanup safely while you most likely do not.  Mold growth and structural damage are also issues because mold is dangerous when inhaled and structural damage is sometimes hidden putting you in danger of your home collapsing unexpectedly.

Missing The Small Stuff

Effective water damage cleanup is all about the details. Unless all the floodwater is removed and the home is completely dried out, you are still susceptible to a host of problems in your home. Mold growth is the most common since mold thrives in moist environments. Another common issue that crops up when pockets of water are left behind is the appearance of uninvited pests. Critters such as cockroaches, ants, and earwigs flock towards moist environments so if your home goes long enough without being dried out it is probably that some of the pests will show up. A professional cleaning and restoration company is the best way to avoid this mistake. Even if you go through every part of your home meticulously looking for remaining moisture, it is still likely that you will miss a spot since being that thorough requires so much time and effort. A cleaning and restoration service company has the time and resources necessary to go through every part of your home with a fine tooth comb and not miss any small details.

Not Calling The Pros

More and more people are attempting DIY methods for water damage restoration services. Few of them find it very successful. The time, energy, effort, and resources required to do water damage restoration the right way is simply more than most people can manage. Fortunately, our team of restoration experts at GS Jones Restoration in Pittsburgh are just one call away and eager to help you through the water damage restoration process.