Commercial Water Damage Repair: When An AC Fails

commercial water damage repair pittsburghDuring Pittsburgh’s humid summers, your building’s air conditioner spends much of its energy removing excess moisture from the air. While the system’s condensate drain can usually handle this moisture, a buildup can spill hundreds of gallons of water into your facility. Murphy’s Law applies problems that always seem to happen at the worst time and the hottest days of the year.  Watch out for:

Strange Sounds

Leaking units on the roof can cause serious water damage to walls, floors, furnishings and inventory. Often the unit will let you know that it is “on it’s last leg.”

  • “Screaming or Shrieking”- A high pitched noise like screaming is most likely the result of leaking refrigerant, which can be a health hazard as well as a detriment to your AC’s life.
  • A buzzing noise can have many causes: debris, loose fan blades, dirty condenser coils, refrigerant leaks, and more.
  • Banging, clanking and other blunt noises are caused by broken or loose parts, such as fans.  

Visible Signs

One of the clearest signs you have a condensate line problem is water leaking from the A/C’s indoor unit. Even if you don’t see any dripping water, you might notice water stains around the cabinet or near the fan. In systems where the evaporator coil is mounted above the furnace, rust on the furnace is another tell-tale sign.

Compressor failure could have multiple possible causes. Your unit might have “frozen coils.” If your evaporator coils can’t absorb heat, it will get way too cold and eventually freeze over. Dirty filters are unable to prevent all the  dirt and debris from getting into the AC’s sensitive components. A clogged air filter will prevent the flow of air, and that will make it hard for cool air to leave the system, thus causing it to get too cold. Or the indoor fan, or blower, can break and can’t send cool air out into your home. If the fan is broken, that air has nowhere to go and can lead to freezing.

If your AC units, or any other appliances, are leaking water into your commercial spaces, call our commercial water damage repair experts today. 

Ask G.S. Jones For Advice

Remember, your insurance company wants and expects you to take reasonable efforts to keep the situation from getting worse, even if you can’t get a hold of someone from your insurance firm. Reputable, knowledgeable commercial water damage repair firms are not insurance representatives and cannot interpret your policy, but they can help you to meet your obligation to ‘preserve and protect’ your facility and contents from further damage. Your insurance company expects you to do what you reasonably can to keep the damage from spreading or getting worse.  

So arrange for a qualified firm that specializes in commercial water damage repair to immediately come out and assist you in your emergency protection efforts. 

Commercial Water Damage Repair In Pittsburgh

G.S. Jones provides commercial water damage repair to business properties. If your business has been affected by  water damage, the steps that you take immediately after are critical to the success of your property’s restoration. After making sure everyone is safe, your next call should be to a commercial water damage repair company like G.S. Jones. Call for a 24 hour response to water damage cleanup emergencies. A team will be dispatched right away to secure your property and take immediate steps to mitigate the damage.