Dangers of Hidden Water Damage And Repairs In A Commercial Business

commercial water damage repair pittsburg, water damage pittsburg, water damage repair pittsburg“It will dry out with time” and “Let’s just wipe it up with a towel” are famous last words in the water damage restoration industry, and they are often spoken by well-meaning colleagues with a minimal knowledge of water damage. Sure, you’ve been smelling a musty smell for a few days, and the wall looks a little gray and moist, but a towel will do the job, right? We wish. Water is a powerful force. Just take a road trip to the Grand Canyon if you’re not convinced. And while your commercial business likely isn’t in danger of becoming a channel of empty chasms across the state of Arizona, it may be wise to mitigate any lingering water damage before the problem multiplies itself. 

Commercial Water Damage Repair In Pittsburgh

Water Is Sneaky

Any leak, inside or outside, has the potential to turn into water damage. Hidden water damage occurs when water (even the smallest amount) reaches further then you think, dissipating into the drywall and crevices where water pockets begin to form. For example, let’s say that you work in a dentist’s office. You are cleaning someone’s teeth and realize that the water pick is dripping in the corner. Oh well. You have a patient to treat. After a few days, you realize that the problem is getting even worse and it continues to drip. Although you are a responsible citizen and continue to wipe up the water, several drops settle into the floorboards, creating warping and buckling after a few weeks. Let’s just say that your boss may not be very happy. 

Water is a seasoned pro at leaking into every nook and cranny in your office. Even many years after a water damage incident, there can be lingering effects like mold and weak drywall. Well, there’s nothing any of us can do to change that. What we can do however, is take care of the problem completely right from the beginning. Calling a professional water damage restoration company in Pittsburgh is a necessary part of reclaiming your damaged business. Whether the damage is brand new or years old, GS Jones can help negate any signs of internal water damage in your Pittsburgh commercial business.  

Dangers Of Hidden Water Damage

Hidden water damage isn’t only annoying, it’s dangerous. Dozens of research papers exist to show us the issues with water damage and mold in homes and other buildings. It’s not pretty. Here are some hazards associated with hidden water in your commercial business: 

  • Compromised structural integrity of the building 
  • Rapid mold growth
  • Musty smell, which could lead to respiratory issues
  • Decreased retail value of the property
  • Negative perception from clients and customers

As you can see, it’s important to thoroughly clean up from any water damage incident. Especially as a business owner, you could see issues with less foot traffic in your brick and mortar if the property isn’t clean and if it smells like mold. If you experience any degree of water damage and fail to properly remediate the damage, it could haunt you years down the road. Call GS Jones in Pittsburgh if you suspect hidden water damage. It’s better now than never. 

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