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Signs That Your Commercial Building Might Have Water Damage

It may seem like you spend the majority of your time at your commercial office building in Pittsburgh (and let’s face it, you probably do), but because they are not our primary residence things can often go unnoticed that you wouldn’t miss in your home. Water damage can be slow and subtle like a leak, […]

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Dangers of Hidden Water Damage And Repairs In A Commercial Business

“It will dry out with time” and “Let’s just wipe it up with a towel” are famous last words in the water damage restoration industry, and they are often spoken by well-meaning colleagues with a minimal knowledge of water damage. Sure, you’ve been smelling a musty smell for a few days, and the wall looks […]

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Why Contacting A Water Damage Repair Team Is Your Best Choice

Running a business can be pretty difficult. In times like these where many businesses and companies are shutting down, or are having to shorten their staff, running a commercial company can be even harder. When unforeseen issues, such as water damage and repair costs, come into the equation, it may seem like handling a company […]

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Water Damage Restoration: The Five Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage restoration is far easier to execute when damage is detected early than when it is detected after an extended period of time. Water damage restoration is an extremely time sensitive process so an undetected leak has gone on for weeks that lead to major damage in your home. Water damage of this sort, […]