Common Causes Of Fires In The Home

Fires can be a good thing, but can quickly be turned into very scary and serious situations. From cooking food, lighting candles, kids & barbecues, there are many things to be aware of to keep those fires from turning into house fires. To prepare yourself for potential fires in your home, here are some things […]

Preventing House Fires AND Keeping Your Family Safe

In just two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening; in five minutes, a residence can be engulfed in flames. According to, it only takes minutes for the thick black smoke to fill a house. House fires present many dangers. Heat is more dangerous than flames; room temperatures in a fire can be 100 degrees […]

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History Reminds Us of Importance of Disaster Planning

Every year, natural disasters take their toll on different parts of the world. Some years, the East Coast seems to be battered by hurricane after hurricane. Other years, there might be an uptick in tornadoes in the plain states, or Japan could get hit by a killer tsunami. Many scientists are predicting California is in […]

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Fire Damage Restoration in 7 Steps

Rule #1 after a fire: make sure everyone in the home is safe. Rule #2: make sure you have a reputable Pittsburgh-area restoration company on your side to walk you through the entire restoration process. We certainly hope you choose G.S. Jones! The better the company, the more smoothly the restoration process will go – […]

Why Should I Hire a Cleaning and Restoration Company?

It is an almost unavoidable occurrence to have some kind of damage to your home that needs service restoration and repair over a lifetime. In the year 2014, over five percent of insured homeowners had reason to file an insurance claim. 97 percent of those claims were property damage claims. Over the decades, the statistics […]

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Benefits of Hiring an Emergency Restoration Service

If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of an emergency such as water damage or fire damage that requires immediate attention, then you know how important it is to begin restoration as soon as possible. We understand that this experience can be overwhelming, from recovering your valuables to securing your property to calling a professional, but […]