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3 Types Of Disaster Cleanup

There are many different types of damage and disasters that your home can go through. It is important to be aware of and prepared for each one of these. Despite even the best preparations, however, disaster can and does strike. If disaster does come and strike, we at GS Jones in the Pittsburgh area are […]

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Recovering From Forces Of Nature

Driving rains and floods are incredibly destructive forces on your home. So are strong winds, including tornados. Even random lightning strikes can cause house fires. Nothing can prepare you for when a disaster hits your home in Dormont; here are a few of the dangers: Wind Damage High winds can damage roofs, siding, awnings, and […]

Disaster Cleanup Services Dormont, Disaster Cleanup Dormont

Being Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Disaster can strike at any time, at any place, and most likely when we least expect it. If a disaster were to strike your home or even the city of Pittsburgh in its entirety, make sure you are prepared with a game plan. The Huffington Post provides 10 helpful steps to make sure your game […]

Disaster Cleanup Services Dormont, Disaster Cleanup Dormont

History Reminds Us of Importance of Disaster Planning

Every year, natural disasters take their toll on different parts of the world. Some years, the East Coast seems to be battered by hurricane after hurricane. Other years, there might be an uptick in tornadoes in the plain states, or Japan could get hit by a killer tsunami. Many scientists are predicting California is in […]