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Restore Your Stuff– Restore Your Life

After a flood, fire, or another devastating event, you will struggle to get your home and life back together. As soon as your family your house is safe, your thoughts turn immediately to your stuff. Contents restoration is the process to restore damaged property; it is also the first step to restoring people’s lives and […]

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After A Disaster – Don’t Throw Your Stuff Out

After a home disaster, there will be many concerns weighing on you. From getting your home back in order to the cleaning and renovation, the amount of stress can be overwhelming. One of the consequences of a disaster can be the loss of personal belongings such as photographs, paperwork and important documents. While it might […]

content cleaning pittsburgh, content damage cleanup pittsburgh

3 Commonly Asked Questions about Contents Damage Restoration

For home damage victims in Pittsburgh, knowing the ins and outs of restoration is a top priority. The purpose of this blog is to educate homeowners on the practice of contents damage restoration: what it is, what it is not, and the value of outsourcing this job to professionals. Here are some basic frequently asked […]

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Content Cleaning: Saving Your Stuff!

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling, that knot in our stomach when we witness a prized possession of ours get damaged or destroyed in one way or another. Imagine that feeling on a large scale as your house is severely damaged by water, fire, or something else. Oftentimes it’s not the home itself that has […]