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Where Did This Water Come From?

Was that the sound of a drip? Did you see a stain on the ceiling? Or was it a squishy step on the wet carpet? They all are indicators of trouble in your home. While you can’t predict every possible cause of water damage, take the steps you can to prevent a future disaster. The […]

Ready for Disaster: How Restoration Contractors Prepare for the Next Catastrophe Loss

 Living and working in Pittsburgh, the team at G.S. Jones Restoration understands life can change in an instant. A snowstorm can completely debilitate the entire city, and later cause burst pipes or widespread flooding. A hurricane or tropical storm can slam into the East Coast, triggering major flooding and causing wind damage. In Pittsburgh, we’ve […]

Property Damage Consulting in Pittsburgh

At any point in time, you may come across a situation that you simply just cannot solve on your own. Especially when a disaster had suddenly struck your home and you are discovering the extent of your property’s damage can be very overwhelming. GS Jones in Pittsburgh can help you recover from your natural catastrophes […]