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Reasons To Contact A Commercial Water Damage Repair Company

When water damage affects your commercial building in Pittsburgh, it is important to get it cleaned up quickly before secondary problems begin to arise. The longer water damage sits unresolved, the worse the damage will be. The water damage repair experts at GS Jones are experienced in resolving water damage issues as quickly as possible. […]

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When Pittsburgh NEEDS Commercial Water Damage Repair

Water damage is unsightly, inconvenient, and at times, dangerous to your health.  It can be even more inconvenient in a commercial building versus a home, as the issues can spread faster and farther in a large building.  From the professionals at G.S. Jones in Pittsburgh, here are three items throughout the building that can cause […]

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Protect Commercial Buildings From Water Damage

Owning a business in Pittsburgh is no small feat. You want to do whatever it takes to keep your commercial office space in the best condition possible to not improve business, but increase employee satisfaction. One thing your commercial building is always at risk for is water damage. Since water damage can come from a […]

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Preventing Water Damage To Your Business

Being Prepared for Commercial Water Damage “That was convenient” is never going to be something you say or hear when water damage strikes your place of business. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. We understand the urgency and the delicacy of the situation, but it is important that when faced with a commercial water damage, you […]