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Preventing Water Damage To Your Business

Being Prepared for Commercial Water Damage “That was convenient” is never going to be something you say or hear when water damage strikes your place of business. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. We understand the urgency and the delicacy of the situation, but it is important that when faced with a commercial water damage, you […]

Emergency Preparedness: What Do I Need To Do?

Emergency preparedness. It’s something we all think about. It’s something most of us need to be more up to date on. We put it in our plans for “next weekend”. Somehow our plans for “next weekend” just never seem to work out. Therefore, our emergency preparedness tends to be a little lacking. Here are a […]

6 Common Disaster Preparation Mistakes

It’s been a pretty calm spring here in Pittsburgh, but Mother Nature only naps for so long! In June, West Virginia was handed some deadly flash floods which shows in the blink of an eye, your world can change. That’s why companies like GS Jones exist – to help you pick up the pieces after […]

Ready for Disaster: How Restoration Contractors Prepare for the Next Catastrophe Loss

 Living and working in Pittsburgh, the team at G.S. Jones Restoration understands life can change in an instant. A snowstorm can completely debilitate the entire city, and later cause burst pipes or widespread flooding. A hurricane or tropical storm can slam into the East Coast, triggering major flooding and causing wind damage. In Pittsburgh, we’ve […]