Vehicle Impact Restoration

Emergency Structural Stabilization & Repairs

A vehicle crashing into your property can result in significant damage to your home or business. The force from the impact can damage your foundation and framing, rendering your property unsafe. 

A professional assessment by the qualified team at G.S. Jones can identify any areas of concern. If your property has been damaged by a vehicle, just give us a call and we will help you each step of the way. Call now!

Get Professional Help to Repair Your Property

24/7 Response

A vehicle impact is an emergency situation and we'll respond right away.

Protect Your Property

We will make temporary repairs to shore up your property until permanent repairs are possible.

Local, Qualified Team

Our specialists ensure you are in great hands and will help you make the best decisions for your property.

Act Quickly To Shore Up Your Property​

Don't Delay and Risk More Severe Damage

Turnkey Emergency Service & Repairs in Western Pennsylvania

Quickly Repair and Restore Your Property Back to Normal

Damage to your property from a vehicle impact can have serious consequences for the safety and stability of your property. A sound structural understanding of how buildings are put together is a must for accurately assessing and identifying what are many times “hidden damage” to framing, floor systems, windows, and doors.

A professional assessment by a G.S. Jones consultant, estimator, or project manager will provide you with the confidence that the job will be done right!