Structural Stabilization & Shoring

Protect the Integrity of Your Property

When the structure of your property is damaged there is no time to waste. Damage to load-bearing beams, posts, or walls can put extraordinary stress on surrounding building materials, risking more damage or a collapse. 

Call the experts at G.S. Jones right away. Our experienced and qualified team will evaluate your property and take emergency measures to stabilize and secure it, allowing for permanent repairs to take place. Give us a call right away!

Prioritize the Safety and Integrity of Your Property

24/7 Response

Emergency stabilization can save you thousands in repair costs. Don't delay.

Expert Assessment

We will evaluate your property for signs of loss of integrity and make a plan to secure your property.

Local & Experienced

Our network of professionals are highly qualified and will help you navigate the repair and restoration process.

How We Stabilize Your Property

Get Professional Assistance to Stabilize Your Damaged Property

Don't Risk Your Safety or Your Property

Structural damage to your property can put it at risk of a collapse or partial collapse. Let the professionals at G.S. Jones assess your site to determine if shoring or stabilization is required and determine the most productive, cost-efficient method to do so.

Ensure your property remains safe and stable until it can be permanently repaired. It’s simply not worth risking a total loss – give us a call now for help immediately.