Surface Cleanup & Restoration

Clean and Restore Surfaces In and Around Your Property in Western Pennsylvania

Graffiti, vandalism, oil spills, and other hazardous or non-hazardous substances can damage your property and leave it looking tired and dirty. It can be challenging to know who to call for help for specialized services like this, and that’s why you should call G.S. Jones.

We offer an array of services, including specialty cleaning and removal services. No matter your concern, we can help. Give us a call today!

Why Choose G.S. Jones

Environmentally Safe

Hazardous materials are cleaned up and disposed of properly.

Specialty Services

We can remove paint, oil, and other hard-to-remove substances with ease.

Local Company

We are located in Pittsburgh and service all of Western PA.

Graffiti and Vandalism Damage Repair

Has your home or business suffered from graffiti or vandalism? G.S. Jones can help you by providing graffiti cleanup and vandalism damage repair services.

Whether the damage is to an EFIS facade, stone, brick, block, siding, or concrete, G.S. Jones can inspect the damage and recommend the safest and most cost-effective method for graffiti and/or vandalism clean up.

Concrete Cleaning / Restoration

Oil, antifreeze, and other unwanted vehicle leaks on decorative concrete, stamped asphalt, or other materials can be cleaned successfully by G.S. Jones.

Oil Spill Restoration

G.S. Jones can provide clean-up from oil spills most commonly found in homes and businesses. Methods may involve absorption of oil, air and soil monitoring, and possible venting of soil.

G.S. Jones’ network of professionals will assist in determining the best method to restore your property and will monitor and coordinate the work.

Safe & Effective Cleanup Solutions

Clean Walls, Driveways, Concrete, and More

Your property is at risk of damage from a number of sources, and it can be difficult to know exactly where to turn for more specialized cleaning and restoration services. Let the experienced and knowledgeable team at G.S. Jones help. No matter what problem or situation you are facing, we can connect you with the most qualified person for the job, ensuring it’s done right and done well. Give us a call today!